The Job of Ms. Smith: A Security Guard at Innovation

The Job Of Ms.Smith: A Security Guard At Innovation High School

By Jevalynn Jarrell

Ms. Smith, a security guard at Innovation High School has been working here at this school for 17 years. Though she has been on the job of a security guard and patrol guard for over 26 years total. Although she in not one of our resident police officers, she does work in the police department (NYPD)division called “Special Patrol.” Ms. Smith does not carry firearms or a gun even though she is a security guard.

As a security guard at Innovation High School, Ms.Smith does many things like routine daily patrol in the school building, and she also gives the students guidance. Her job consists of doing patrol of the hallway, the staircases, the courtyard during lunches and before and after school hours. She does the patrol of the building perimeter and checks the exits are good and all clear. She also helps students around as well as visitors to the building giving them help and mentoring them. All in all, Ms.Smith ensures our safety here at Innovation high school.

Ms.Smith Explains to us her most interesting and frightening experience during her time as a security guard over the years. Back in 1992 she started her job as a security guard working at Martin Luther King Jr School in New York City. There she discussed that there were many gang-related incidents and issues in the school. Many were very dangerous to the extent of children bringing dangerous and deadly weapons to school and starting fights as well with one another. Ms.Smith has expressed she was one of the security guards to break up one of those many fights with the weapons involved . She made sure people were safe .

On the job, Ms.Smith takes her time to build up connections and good relationships with her colleagues and the students. She respects herself and others as well. She has been doing the job for 26 years giving her the respect and open mind with others.

Ms.Smith says “ To see the children over time and over the years grow and achieve so much and to come back and say ‘I had an impact on them in life, that’s my favorite part of the job.’”


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