Inside Scoop with PSA and Puppets



Puppets with a Purpose–Arlene Calderon presents her creation during “PSA: Puppet Builder’s Workshop” during Enrichment Week 2018.

By Jevalynn Jarrell


Innovation High School–Interviewing the “PSA and Puppets” kids I gathered detailed and inside information on what they do and what goes on inside their enrichment. I interviewed three people David, Arlene And Henry asking them questions and getting their feel on PSA and Puppets.

Three students gave their insights on their experience making puppets and using them to make PSA’s . David feels the purpose of his enrichment is “Learn how to be creative and be able to present/show a message” Arlene believes the purpose is to make PSA. Here in this enrichment, they use their puppets to make these PSA’s and show messages. They also learn about “gentrification”, which is the process of improving a house or district so that it conforms to middle-class taste. Henry believes the purpose is to use his puppets to talk about this issue.

“Here are some of the puppets I got to see that they have created, There are two types of puppets they have made these shown the other kind is A Japanese type puppet,” said David.


Grandma with a Message– “Abuelita” is a Bunraku- style (Japanese) puppet She is among the several types of puppets made in “PSA: Puppet Builder Workshop” to broadcast the theme of “gentrification”.


What goes into making these puppets is “Patience, creativity, an open-mind and team work,” Arlene says, as well as sewing skills . To make the Japanese ones, it takes three people to make it and present it as well. The best part of their enrichment is the goal and message they are providing with the fun materials and that they build as well.

David said: “I really did enjoy my enrichment.” Arlene added: “If I have the chance, I would do this again. I really liked it and learned a lot.”

Full of fun and a greater purpose to learn, PSA and Puppets is full of surprises!


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