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Computer or  Wi-Fi issues: digitalresources

PowerSchool: emily.bierwerth

Understanding a digital platform or application:

  1. First do a Google Search to seek help with the issue
  2. If that doesn’t work, contact your teachers or your case manager if you are an IEP-holder.  They will help!

Credits: counseling

  • or your specific counselor if you have one.

If you will be absent: attendance

  • You can also email your specific teachers!

Google Docs basics

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Are You Prepared for College?

Here you will find the tools necessary to make you successful while you are in and out of Innovation. For each grade there are specific resources to help make you through each. Besides your CCR classes we will help you understand your options and what is best for you!



Absence Excuse Policy

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How can I edit smart objects ?

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- IEP contact info?

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