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The Warrior Witness

Mr. Andrew and Ms. Anna are thrilled to present the second issue of THE WARRIOR WITNESS, the monthly newsletter written by the Yearbook & Journalism class.

“Special thanks go out to Sean and Matt for sending us such a cool story about the great work they’re doing in SEP, and to Chef G for giving us an exclusive on the Jr. Chef competition and all things culinary arts!”

We hope you enjoy!

Contains stories chosen and written by our young journalists.

Volume 3

(view previous issues here 1, 2)

Our Classes

These sites are for students and families to stay connected and up to date on everything happening in our classes.


Computer or Wi-Fi issues:


Understanding a digital platform or application:

  1. First do a Google Search to seek help with the issue
  2. If that doesn’t work, contact your teachers or your case manager if you are an IEP-holder.  They will help!


  • or your specific counselor if you have one.

If you will be absent: attendance

  • You can also email your specific teachers!

4 Steps to Create a Study Space in Your Room


Now that we’ve covered the other possible study spaces available to you, let’s get to the meat of this post: how to create your own study space. I’m going to assume that, for most of you, this will end up being a part of either your dorm room or your bedroom. If you have another area to dedicate to it, though, then by all means use that.

In order to create a study space, follow these four steps;

  1. Remove all distractions.
  2. Have easy access to everything you need before you start.
  3. Experiment with lighting.
  4. Adjust your study space to the ideal temperature.

Are You Prepared for College?

Here you will find the tools necessary to make you successful while you are in and out of Innovation. For each grade there are specific resources to help make you through each. Besides your CCR classes we will help you understand your options and what is best for you!



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