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At Innovation Charter High School, we believe in fostering a strong partnership between our school, our students, and their families. The Student & Family Portal is your one-stop online resource for everything you need to stay engaged and informed about your educational journey with us. Here’s what you can find and do within the portal:


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Click Here to visit your College and Career Readiness resources website.

Any occurrences of bigotry, intolerance, or bullying can be reported to Danielle Martin, our Dignity Act Coordinator, using the DASA Referral Form. All reports will be followed up with in accordance with the Dignity For All Students Act.

There are resources available at school for both students and their families who are living in temporary housing, shelters, staying with family or friends or living in any situation that is not permanent. Contact Shalia Desmond, McKinney-Vento Act Coordinator to receive more information.  shalia.desmond@innovationhighschool.org | (212) 722 – 5871 x206

Innovation Charter High School supports the SAVE Legislation and engages in a planning process to comply with the SAVE law. The School Management Team encourages and advocates on-going district wide cooperation and support of Project SAVE. Read our District Safety Plan for more information. 
If you perceive a need for your child that you believe would be best addressed by one of our school counselors, please share that information by filling out the counseling referral for in-school counseling services.
Our school counselors can be reached by phone or email for direct communication:

Grade 9: Tyree Jackson  (Email:) Tyree.Jackson@innovationhighschool.org Office Phone:) 212-722-5871 Ext. 212
Grade 10: Diana Hunt 
 (Email:) Diana.Hunt@innovationhighschool.org (Office Phone:) 212-722-5871 Ext. 211
Grade 11: Keyanna Hayes (Email:) Keyanna.Hayes@innovationhighschool.org (Office Phone:) 212-722-5871 Ext. 213
Grade 12: Steven Fraietta 
 (Email:) Steven.Fraietta@innovationhighschool.org (Office Phone:) 212-722-5871 Ext. 210
ParentSquare for school communication:
Choose instant notifications or a digest at 4pm 
Choose your language
Direct message teachers
Sign up for parent-teacher conferences
Opt-Out: We promise to only send information related to our school and NYC resources. You can opt-out at any time by emailing office@innovationhighschool.org.  

Our vision is to create a learning environment that addresses the needs of our students through creative and engaging instruction with career readiness tracks designed for their future success.

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