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Innovation’s baseline budget (used for staff salaries, benefits, and no-frills materials like textbooks) is covered by our state and federal per-pupil allocation. We have to raise funds for all the things that make our school great – trips, student enrichment programming, classroom materials and supplies, and teacher professional development.

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The support we receive from friends and supporters like you directly serves our students through our successful experiential and project-based programs. Your gift makes a huge difference in the lives of the students and families we serve.

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Support in Developing the Whole Child
  • Access Chromebooks
  • Metro Passes
  • Free/Reduced Lunch
  • Facilities Upgrade

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Support Students Through Our Successful Experiential & Project-Based Programs
  • Overnight Trips and Tours
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Transportion and Supplies
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Protect the Ecology & Promote A Sustainable Environment
  • Scientific Field Research
  • Promote Environmental Sustainability
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Sustainability Collaborations


Support Students in Training the Body and Mind Through Sports
  • Safe Transportation To & From Games
  • Gym Upgrades
  • Uniforms and Equipment
  • Drinks and Snacks

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Keys to the Kingdom was a labor of love created by CCR Counselor, Tina Jones and our late Chief of Staff, Jason Forde with hopes to expose our students to Historically Black College Universities (HBCU). 
Last year we had our 2nd annual trip with 22 students. We are looking for funding to continue the project. HBCU’s are the leading institutions that graduate students of color in STEM, Lawyers, Engineering, and Business. Currently we have 22 HBCU acceptances and counting. We have our first batch of graduates this year from 3 HBCU institutions. Your continued support of our students is appreciated

Innovation Charter High School is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, and your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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