Work At Innovation

Hiring Teachers and Staff for 2020-21: Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation


Innovation teachers embrace our mission of welcoming all students who enroll in our school, including a substantial population of students with special needs, and preparing them to be college and career ready. To ensure that the needs of all of our students are met, almost every class is co-taught, using the ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) model.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Work in the co-teaching model, and practice innovative instruction, and implement programs and undertake special projects.
  • Become a member of an academic department, led by a department chair, engage in semi-monthly meetings with your colleagues to review curriculum, provide mutual support, and review student data in-depth.
  • Engage our students in project-based and experiential learning, including our signature “Enrichment Week” program.
Multiple Opportunities:
  • Participate in the New Teacher Academy, Innovation’s in-house program of training, ongoing support and mentorship.
  • Engage in co-teaching seminars, to learn the science and art of co-teaching. Recently, these seminars have been led by the nationally recognized expert in co-teaching, Susan Hentz.
  • Obtain training and professional support during our “zero periods”, and at internal and external seminars and local and national conferences.
  • Lead professional development and training, to develop innovative solutions to academic challenges.
  • Develop original Enrichment Week programming with colleagues & students.
Why Work At Innovation

SpEd Teacher Tuition Incentive

Innovation strives to attract and retain highly qualified teachers of students with disabilities to serve our large population of students with disabilities in the ICT classroom and to engage in best practices in case management. Existing Innovation teaching staff are invited to apply for financial support to become certified special education teachers.  Our Special Education Teacher Incentive/Tuition Reimbursement Policy (the “Policy”) is designed to defray or fully cover the cost of tuition. Approval for tuition reimbursement involves completing an application form and meeting certain requirements for reimbursement.

SpEd Teacher Supplemental Compensation

Historically, thirty percent or more of Innovation students have IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) and virtually all of our core classes are co-taught, following the ICT (Integrated Co-Teaching) model. We adhere to the highest practice standards in special education case management, classroom instruction, and IEP-related services. We recognize that special education teachers have additional responsibilities that require substantial time, effort and dedication to our students and their needs. Accordingly we offer SpEd Teacher Supplemental Compensation to special education teachers who demonstrate professionalism through instruction, case management, and by maintaining a high attendance level, as reviewed and verified by our Special Education Department Chair.