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For the Spring, Summer and Fall 2020 semesters, Innovation High School operated remotely for all students. Courses were fully online. The NYS Regents examinations were waived for June 2020 and August 2020. Student transcripts indicate an “X” where students completed the course and were exempted from the Regents in that content area. Students enrolled in Innovation’s two College Board Advanced Placement courses were challenged to prepare remotely and take the exam online. Due to COVID and limited test centers (especially in a highly populated NYC area), students did not get the same opportunity to test for the SAT/ACT compared to prior years. Our academic calendar has not changed. Other extenuating circumstances – Innovation High School had some students who were impacted directly by the pandemic. Some students were challenged with obtaining consistent internet connection, dealing with illness or supporting younger siblings and other family members in need. 

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This page will provide you with the tools necessary to make you successful while you are in and out of Innovation. For each grade there are specific resources to help make you through each. Besides your CCR classes we will help you understand your options and what is best for you!

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This course is an introduction to the science and profession of psychology. Topics covered include learning, memory, consciousness, perception, personality, development, behavior, stress, disorders, social psychology, and ways to apply this knowledge to everyday life.

Will be in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in 2021-22
GPA of 75+ in all classes
Able to attend class from
June 28 – August 4,
every Monday & Wednesday
from 1:15pm – 3pm

(Class starts Monday, June 28th)

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Women's Career Panel Discussion (3)

Careers in Expressive Arts

Women breaking barriers in non-traditional careers!

The most important term to know as a high school student is:

distribution requirements

how many credits you need in each subject in order to graduate

The regents you must take in order to graduate successfully.

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