Rise Up Innovation Remote Collab Music Video

“Rise Up” was recorded to mark Anti-Bullying Week, from October 19th through 23rd, and Unity Day, on the 21st. Innovation’s Dean of Discipline, Danielle Martin, came up with the idea to make the video as a way to bring students and staff together.

“Damen birthed it and Xavier made it his own,”

Innovation Dean of Discipline, Danielle Martin

Referring to Damen Heyward, Pop Vocals teacher and music industry specialist, along with Xavier Pearson, Social Media and Facilities Assistant.  Talented students and staff recorded parts that were mixed together to create the final product.

“It’s the music we needed at a time when we exist as a virtual school and long to be together,”

Stephen Falla Riff, Innovation’s Executive Director

The completed project can be viewed here as well as found on Youtube:

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