Innovation High School gets its first 5 year charter renewal!

During a meeting of the State Board of Regents today, Innovation’s success over the past 3 years was honored with a full, five year charter renewal and Stephen Falla Riff, Innovation’s Executive Director, is very proud.

“We could not have achieved this success without the outstanding performance of our entire staff, the inspirational efforts of our students, the support of their parents, and the guidance provided by our Board of Trustees.”

Stephen Falla Riff, Innovation’s Executive Director

Mr. Falla Riff added that Innovation is very excited about the coming charter term, including the expansion of its CTE (Career and Technical Education) culinary arts program, enhancing its many special programs and partnerships, and redoubling its commitment to social and emotional learning, educational equity, and literacy.

Innovation was founded in 2009, and has had two prior, short-term charter renewals. This is Innovation’s first five year renewal.

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