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Sample Transcript

Now that you have obtained your transcript, you will carefully look at the credits you have accumulated so far. The following audit sheet will help you keep count!



Next, it’s important for you to know how many credits you need in each subject:
Credits needed for grad

Finally, when AUDITing your transcript, please look for these:

1) English: Identify how many English credits you have. The sample transcript has 15 credits, which means that there are 7 credits left over. These credits can go to your Electives.

2) Social Studies: Make sure that you have Global, U. S. History, Participation in Government, and Economics. This transcript has all except Participation in Government and Economics.

3) Math: You can have at most 4 Algebra credits, and 2 advanced math credits (can be Advanced Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry).

4) Science: You should have 2 life science credits (living environment or biology), 2 non-living (chemistry, earth science, physics), and 2 science elective credits.

5) Foreign Language, Art, Health, and Physical Education: These subject areas are simple, so count how many you have for each.

If you are unsure of what type of credit you have, please speak to a counselor!

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