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School Management Team

warrior (1)
Stephen Falla Riff

Email: Stephen.fallariff​

_Joseph Terence
Terence Joseph

Email: Terence.Joseph​

_Yasbin Ira
Ira Yasbin

Email: Ira.Yasbin​

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Pablo Torres

Email: Pablo.Torres​

S.T.E.M. Department

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)​

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Sean Pawelec

Email: Sean.Pawelec​

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Mathew Boyle

Email: Mathew.Boyle

Abdul-Majid Jamilah
Jamilah Abdul-Majid

Email: Jamilah.AbdulMajid​

Russo Joseph
Joey Russo

Email: Joey.Russo

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Benjamin Caraballo

Email: Benjamin.Caraballo

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Jean Melinette

Email: Jean.Melinette

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Ken Chapin

Email: Ken.Chapin

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Christopher O’Malley

Email: Christopher.OMalley

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Raymond Cheung

Email: Raymond.Cheung

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Jiayi Xue

Email: Jiayi.Xue

_Cornelius Quinston
Quinston Cornelius

Email: Quinston.Cornelius

Wu Chao An
Joanna Wu

Email: Joanna.Wu

Email: Kristina.Dubyk

Email: Leslie.Liang

Email: Myrna.Gatica

Email: Richard.Welch

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Rachel Goldstein

Email: Rachel.Goldstein

History Department

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Sven Dietrich

Email: Sven.Dietrich​

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Kristen Ahangari

Email: Kristen.Ahangari

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Yusef Abdul-Sabur

Email: Yusef.AbdulSabur

Donovan Patrick
Patrick Donovan

Email: Patrick.Donovan

Email: Jonathan.Eisenberg

Email: Jeff.Toback

Cassandra Lella

Email: Cassandra.Lella

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Luke Ryan

Email: Luke.Ryan

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Nicole Scalera

Email: Nicole.Scalera

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Sarah Sullivan

Email: Sarah.Sullivan

Language Department

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Lori Zabrocki

Email: Lori.Zabrocki

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Athena Karoutsos

Email: Athena.Karoutsos

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Jaime Brown

Email: Jaime.Brown

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James Nafz

Email: James.Nafz

Cortazzo Andrew
Andrew Cortazzo

Email: Andrew.Cortazzo

Press Anna
Anna Press

Email: Anna.Press

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Ivan Nikolov

Email: Ivan.Nikolov​

Rose Leighton
Leighton Rose

Email: Leighton.Rose

Expressive Arts Department


Email: Anna.Sgherzi

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Frank Bold

Email: Frank.Bold​

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Damen Heyward

Email: Damen.Heyward

Counseling Department

Steven Fraietta​

Email: Steven.Fraietta​
Grade: 9th

warrior (1)
Tyree Jackson

Email: Tyree.Jackson
Grade: 10th

Diana Hunt

Email: Diana.Hunt
Grade: 11th

Hayes Keyanna
Keyanna Hayes

Email: Keyanna.Hayes
Grade: 12th

College & Career Readiness

Tereena Somayya

Email: Tereena.somayya

warrior (1)
Tina Jones

Email: Tina.Jones

warrior (1)
Melissa Johnson

Email: Melissa.johnson 

warrior (1)
Martha Sotelo

Email: Martha.Sotelo

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Gerardo Vega

Email: Gerardo.Vega

Board of Trustees

Sona Karia – Chairperson – Email

George Sarkissian – Vice Chairperson – Email

LaToya Massey – Treasurer – Email

Ramon Perdomo – Secretary – Email

Gicel Adon – Email

Jaynemarie Angbah – Email

Alexander Gallin – Email

Jared McShall – Email 

Tavannie Perez – Email

Advisory Board

Brendan Boerbaitz- Email

Stacey Gautier – Email

Sean Pawelec – Email

Frank Saia – Email

Associate Directors

Atiba Fraser – Assoc. Dir. of Finance – Email

Starlight Serra – Assoc. Dir. of Human Resources – Email 


Brenda Alvarez – Email 

Dean of Discipline & Dignity for All Students Act Coordinator

Danielle Martin – Email 

At Risk Program Manager

Jesse Matthews – Email 

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