Culinary Arts Program Approved for Career & Technical Education Status

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has approved Innovation’s application for CTE (Career & Technical Education) status for our CARTS (Culinary Arts) program. The CTE approval will appear on the diplomas of students who have completed the program requirements and may also be used as part of a CTE 4+1 graduation pathway. Some of our students may be eligible for a CDOS graduation pathway as early as this year.
Innovation is only the second charter school in New York State to have a CTE accredited program (the first is in Rochester), and the very first in NYC to be accredited.

Students who complete the CARTS CTE program are ready to work in the restaurant industry, they have financial and entrepreneurial training that relates directly to the field, and they will graduate with this endorsement on their diplomas:

CTE seal inch.jpg

Gerardo Vega, also known as Chef. G, is the guiding light behind our Culinary Arts program, and he has devoted countless hours to designing and implementing the program. WAY TO GO CHEF G!!

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