Board of Trustees

Board of Directors

The Board of Trustees has the responsibility, in consultation with the School Management Team to maintain the school’s financial health, ensure best practices are used to advance the school’s mission and liaise with community partners to address the needs of Innovation students and their families.

George Sarkissian (Chairman) – george.sarkissian@innovationhighschool.org
Sona Karia (Vice Chair & Treasurer) – sona.karia@innovationhighschool.org
LaToya Massey – (Board Secretary) latoya.massey@innovationhighschool.org
Jared McShall – jared.mcshall@innovationhighschool.org
Eboni Kirkland – eboni.kirkland@innovationhighschool.org
Jaynemarie Angbah – jaynemarie.angbah@innovationhighschool.org

Executive Director

Steve Falla Riff  – stephen.fallariff@innovationhighschool.org

Advisory Board

Stacey Gauthier – stacey.gautier@innovationhighschool.org
Brendan Boerbaitz – bboerbaitz@deloitte.com
Sean Pawelec – sean.pawelec@innovationhighschool.org

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