2022-2023 Back To School Start Strong Guide

The 2022 Back To School Guide is out now! School supplies list, what to bring to Orientation and more – available now in ParentSquare. 

Orientation Day is your first day of school, we will take attendance and award iBucks too!

9th Grade – Thursday, September 1st 

10th/11th Grade – Wednesday, September 7th

12th Grade – Tuesday, September 6th

8:00am  – Welcome & Meet The Faculty 

    Families are welcome to visit with staff and meet members of the faculty in the courtyard

9:30am – Mock schedule in your grade’s section of campus 

11:30am – 12:15pm – Lunch provided

12:15pm – 3:30pm – Field Day

    Outdoor activities, competitions and games with teachers 

    Refreshment station with water, sports drinks and popsicles provided

You will need a backpack on Orientation day, but we will provide the other materials you’ll need for the day. 

Please prepare to have your photo taken for your Student ID card and class photos. 

Wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothes for the afternoon activities outside in the courtyard. 

First Day of School

Thursday, September 8th 8:20am – 3:28pm

Innovation’s teachers provide students with notebooks, binders, or other materials required for their classes. Many teachers also ask students to leave them in the classroom all year.

Your perfectly packed backpack has: 

Every Day:
– Cell Phone charged and in your Yondr pouch (you will get yours at Orientation!)
– Student ID card
– Folder to hold completed homework assignments, permission slips, etc. 
– Scratch paper or one notebook 
– 3 pencils and 3 pens 
– MetroCard
Optional and Occasionally:
– Homework Planner
– Reusable Water Bottle
– Emergency money
– Tissues, mask, hand sanitizer
– Lunchbox 
– Documents, permission slips or letters to return signed by your guardian
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