Vocational/ Technical/ Apprenticeship Career Options

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Didn’t find what you were looking for in any college? Interested in being a beautician and realized that you couldn’t do this as a major in college? Not to worry!

If you are still not sure what you would like to do, below are are links to different assessments that can help you figure this out:

BigFuture By College Board- Major and Interest Finder

O*NET Interest Profiler

Bureau of Labor and Statistics- Career Exploration

Here are some examples of career options:

Below we will provide you with some links to start with but you must beware of any scams! You must make sure that they are reputable schools and that they will grant you the certificate or degree at the end.

This link can help you weed out the schools that are out there to get your money:

Consumer Information- Choosing a Vocational School


Post-Secondary Options
Programs Examples

Download this resource sheet to provide you with more options: Educational Options Resource Sheet