Social Services Fair a Big Hit

On November 11, 2015, Veterans Day, Boys Town New York and the Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation (“Innovation”) hosted a East Harlem Social ServiceFair and Clothing Giveaway.

The event was attended by over 300 families and 15 socialservice agencies. The clothing donated to Boys Town by The Gap Companies was gone in record time.

Families lined up at noon and due to the incredible turnout, doors had to be closed by 2pm. We are thankful that so many families got to receive the much needed information for socialservice agencies such as Children’s Aid Society, LSA FamilyServices and NYC Parks (plus many others) and also walk away with brand new clothes that will serve them well during the upcoming winter season. We are also very sorry to all those families who were unable to get in due to us having to close early. If you need contacts to any local social services please feel free to contact us.

A big thank you to all Boys Town staff that helped in planning the event and at the event. Also, thank you to Sean McClenathan and Elsie Encarnacion for all their work in making this event a reality. Your dedication to this school and community is unwavering and events like this just show how much you both care. Thank you as well to the numerous student and staff volunteers who showed up on their day off to give back to the East Harlem community.


About Boys Town New York

Since 1991, Boys Town New York has been building strong foundations for thousands of children and families by offering the right services at the right time based on their individual needs. In 2013, more than 13,000 children received help through Boys Town New York’s Integrated Continuum of Child and Family Services, including 836 who received direct care through Treatment Family Services, Intervention and Assessment Services, and In-Home Family Services.

About Innovation High School

In New York State the average graduation rate in 2008-2009 was 72%. For Latino students, however, that number dropped to 51.8% and for African American males it was 28%. For English Language Learners it was 39.7% and of the students with disabilities only 24.7% graduated high school.

East Harlem is hit hard by these statistics – where a high percentage of students have learning disabilities, struggle with literacy, and are English Language Learners. Since its inception in 2009, The Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation has provided a creative approach to the educational problems that many of its students face.

Innovation’s mission is “Leadership through Innovation.” Faculty at Innovation strives to help each student develop leadership skills and an innovative approach to problem solving – the same methodology that is used every day to model and run the school. Every day, the students and staff of Innovation are striving for excellence together.