Innovation Distance Learning & COVID-19 Information

Dear Innovation Community,
We are happy to present our Innovation School Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year.
The plan announces our intention to start our school year off-campus. We will be using all of the robust remote learning, counseling, and community and family engagement tools that we developed this spring and summer. Our commitment is to provide a first-class education to our students while protecting the health and safety of our entire Innovation community.
We will return to campus only after the Governor and the Mayor decide that it is safe for us to do so. It is likely that when we do return, we will have a combination of in-person instruction and distance learning, until it is safe for everyone to return to the campus full-time.
Please review our Reopening Plan and if you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to reach out to me, to our Principal Terence Joseph, or to any member of our staff. We are delighted to hear from you.
Please stay safe, stay well, and take care.
Stephen Falla Riff
Executive Director
Terence Joseph

An important message from Principal Terence Joseph:

Warrior Students and Families,
We’ve looked closely at our online program during these past six weeks and realized that  adjustments to the grading policy must be made for the remainder of the school year. We know everyone has been pushing through all of the ways in which the Coronavirus has impacted you and your loved ones. Because of this, we are changing policies in a way that recognizes the hard work everyone is putting in, but will not penalize students for the hardships they are experiencing.  

>>>Please read this document carefully: Innovation Online Grading Policy Change<<<

Some key changes to the policy beginning with the Marking Period 5 report card involve:

  • If students do not earn passing grades, they will receive an “Incomplete Grade” = INC.
  • Incomplete Grades will not be factored into students’ GPAs. 
  • Students have 1 final project per class to complete in Marking Period 6 broken up over three weeks.
  • Summer School will be an opportunity for students to make up and earn credit for INC grades for Semester 2 and failed grades for Semester 1. 
  • In the Fall, students with INCs will be placed in credit recovery classes/programs

After reading the document, please feel free to reach out to me, your counselors, your teachers or our family engagement team for support.
I have attached an article and info page regarding the NYC DOE’s grade policy adjustment.

~ t

Please see our Presentation on the June Regents Cancellation for information regarding the regents, and how they are effected by the recent COVID-19 stay at home orders.

Please click below for our Distance Learning Plan and Student Schedules:

Student Schedule Template for Distance Learning

Please read our latest newsletter for details about Distance Learning during the COVID-19 quarantine:

  • Innovation has shifted all student classes and student supports to Innovation Online
  • Distance Learning began on Thursday March, 19th @ 8:30am.
  • Distance Learning directions, expectations and schedules have been created for students and communicated to students/families ***SEE Distance Learning Plan at the top of this page***
  • Students needing assistance with laptops and/wifi access please contact us at either digitalresources@innovationhighschool.org or call our Main Office at 212 722 5871 to order the necessary equipment.
  • Students/families needing for shelter/food please contact us at either info@innovationhighschool.org or call our Main Office at 212 722 5871 to inform us of your needs and receive assistance.
  • Teachers and Innovation Staff will communicate through e-mail, Power School and social media with families. It is extremely important that families check these sources multiple times each day for updates and information.