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And again, from all Innovation we would like to thank you! You are a crucial part of why we are successful to helping your child succeed.

This page is meant to help you, help your child throughout the college process. Please take a look at all the important information and/or stop by to ask us any questions you may still have!


It is important that throughout your child’s high school career, you stay involved! It may seem that they are older and can manage everything themselves but this is when they need you the most. It is important that they they come to school every day and earn the credits necessary for graduation. Below is a table of what they need:

Credits needed for grad

They must also successfully complete the following regents examinations for a Regents Diploma:

  •  English Language Arts (ELA)
  • Global History
  • U.S. History
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Living Environment

**NOTE: In order to place out of remedial college course, they must earn a 75 in ELA, and 80 in Algebra and pass a higher level math course (Geometry, Trigonometry, or Advanced Algebra).

  • Keep in mind that: Students do not receive a credit for remedial course, which means they will pay for nothing.


Extra curricular images

Part of their experience in high school is getting involved with activities in school. Encourage them to get out of their comfort zone and try new programs at Innovation! This not only looks great on their resume, but it also gives them an idea of what they would like to do after high school.


The table below shows you should do with your child. Depending on what grade he/she is in, the events change.

CALENDAR for parents

 Career/Major Exploration

Many students don’t know what they want to be when they grow up, and if they do it changes more than 3 times before they get to their area of passion. If they fall into this category, not to worry! There are many tests that can help them look at different careers and majors.

Here are some:

BigFuture By College Board- Major and Interest Finder

O*NET Interest Profiler

Bureau of Labor and Statistics- Career Exploration


Besides your child’s academics, resume, and college essay; admissions also looks at their letters of recommendation.

These letters can be written by:

  • Teachers, school counselors, athletic coaches
  • After school teacher/mentor or  workplace manager

It can be written by anyone that has known your child outside of their home. Take a look at this video of what makes a great recommendation letter!

Writing a Great Recommendation Letter


One of the questions parents and students worry about is: How will I afford college? There are many ways that college can be made affordable and possible for your child. Below you will find videos explaining the different types of financial aid and important terms that you should look out for in the financial aid process.


General overview of FAFSA and terms
General Overview of FAFSA and important terms (click on image)
How to fill out FAFSA
How to fill out FAFSA (Click on image)
Financial Aid Types Video (Click on image)


  1. FAFSA4Caster can help you determine your eligibility
  2. Federal Student Aid Getaway is a government website that helps you learn more about financial aid and provides you with links to other resources

STAYING IN TOUCH – College Counselor

A great way to stay involved is by pushing your child to sit down with the college counselor. Below are some questions your child should ask:

1) What classes will help me prepare for college?

2) What credits do I still need? How can I work on the areas that I struggle with?

3) What college fairs are coming up, what weekend or summer programs are available, what internships can I be a part of, and/or what college classes can I take before entering college?

4) When can I take the SAT’s? How do I prepare?

5) What colleges would you recommend for what I am interested in?


  1. I’mFirst  is a ‘Guide to College’ for students that will be first in their families to attend college