Work at Innovation

Hiring Teachers and Staff for 2019-20: Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation

Innovation High School is looking for instructional trendsetters to join our efforts to produce graduates who are ready for college and/or a career; and most importantly, students who are empowered to become agents of change in their communities. Our mission is to develop leadership through innovation and promote a culture of inquiry around teaching and learning by collaborating with relevant experts and practitioners in the industry. Leveraging our systems, tools, data, and a series of targeted programs, we have began to close the opportunity gap for our students.

Our success is dependent upon the persistent cultivation of exceptional teachers, support staff, and community partnerships. Working at Innovation, you’ll build a portfolio of effective evidence-based practices with a team of dedicated professionals to fulfill our mission. Your career with us starts with first class training designed to prepare you for success in our classrooms. You’ll work with a co-teacher and collaborate with a variety of teams to develop new standard-bearing initiatives that are globally recognized for exemplary teaching and learning.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with your co-teacher to understand some of the toughest challenges kids are facing, and create ways that Innovation can help through innovative instruction, strategic programs and special projects you develop and execute.
  • Develop partnerships with community based organizations that leverage services and programs around critical learning needs at Innovation.
  • Lead professional development and learning, bringing key stakeholders together to help develop innovative solutions and strategies.
  • Work with other professionals that support youth development and growth with Innovation resources.
  • Work with teams across the school to apply, develop, and adapt Innovation’s culture and practices to support success for all learners.

SEP Teachers Matthew Boyle & Sean Pawelec in the classroom, featured on